Design Thinking Courses & Workshops

Credit Course for 1st Year Students of BIM, Trichy

July 2021
The School of Design Thinking is proud to be associated with Bharathidasan Institute of Management. As part of its relations, the School of Design Thinking will be offering a credit course to the entire set of first year students at the outset of the new academic year 2021-2022. Over 120 students, future industry leaders, will be introduced to the concepts and potential of Design Thinking and the impact of its application.

A Cross-Industry Workshop for CII Members

June 2021
Design Thinking is increasingly adopted as a human-centric way not just to solve problems, but to also design superlative products and services. The School of Design Thinking along with CII conducted a workshop series for senior management level employees of multiple member organizations across various industry sectors. The focus of the workshop, in addition to an introduction to Design Thinking, was in its application in industry and in life.

A Dedicated Workshop for Senior Executives

June 2021
What does it take to be a Design Thinker? What are the tools that would help the role of a senior executive working in a global Financial Technology company? These were the key takeaways of a dedicated workshop that the School of Design Thinking had conducted for senior executives who had recently joined Intellect Design Arena, a world leader in Financial Technology solutions. Design Thinking is imbibed as a culture in the organization.

Volvo India

April 2021
How does an organization ensure that its employees develop a 'future-focused' mindset? More importantly, what is a future-focused mindset? In a dedicated hour-and-a-half long webinar to the senior leadership of the human resources department of Volvo India, Dr Anbu Rathinavel will share learnings and insights from his decades-long corporate experience and global best practices on the impact of Design Thinking in preparing a future-focused mindset.

NOIDA Institute of Engineering & Technology (NIET)

February-March 2021
'Master Trainer' workshop for key faculty members of the institute. The virtual sessions included conceptual approach to Design Thinking as well as case studies and hands-on activities.

Bharathidasan Institute of Management

January-February 2021
A credit course for over 60 second year management students of the institute. Leveraging case-studies and scenario-based explanation and in-class and post-session activities, the multi-session course included projects and presentations.

Rage Communications

January-February 2021
A dedicated and customised workshop for the leadership team. Participants explored the customer landscape and ecosystem for exponential growth. It focused on shifting the mindset of ‘what we could do’ to ‘what we should do’.

Certification workshop for members of TiE

January-February 2021
Five-module workshop on Design Thinking through doing. The goal was to strengthen knowledge through experience. Participants learnt to use Design Thinking tools and concepts to address larger design challenges and scale their business.

FDP Program for AICTE | Hosted by CV Raman Univ

January 2021
An AICTE-initiated (ATAL) Faculty Development Program.
The multi-session course witnessed participants from universities and colleges across India. The sessions also featured speakers from industry and academia.

Ullas Trust: CSR initiative of Intellect Design Arena Ltd.

December 2020
Members of the School of Design Thinking met students from the higher secondary section of Tamil Nadu Government schools. The session also included a virtual walkthrough of the 8012 FinTech Design Center.


October-November 2020
The Power & Potential of Design Thinking. The multi-session workshop helped participants understand Design Thinking approaches and focus on mindset transformation. The workshop model included classroom sessions, group activities, projects, case study discussions, post-session assignments and assessment.

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