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January 2024
This is the 8th Batch of the FDP program exclusively for SRMIST Faculty

Senior Executives From Tuck School Visit 8012

January 2024
School of Design Thinking, on Thursday 18 January 2024, hosted 12 senior leaders from different countries and domains as part of their education program at Tuck School of Business. The visit was part of their travel to India to understand how differnt organizations function. The visit to Intellect helped the participants to understand Design Thinking and how its applied in the organisation as a culture. The visit involved a walkthrough of 8012 FinTech Design Center. During the program, they also interacted with senior leaders within the organization who illustrated how Design Thinking is embedded deeply into technology & business.

Design The Thinking Workshop to enhance students learning experience

January 2024
Discover key insights from our recent 2-day residential workshop on Design Thinking. Participants from 15 higher education institutions across India gained valuable perspectives on the philosophy of Design The Thinking and its contextual application in academia. The workshop featured discussions on adopting the BELIEF framework for educational institutions and highlighted the importance of cultivating an imaginative mindset for crafting a dynamic learning experience for future students. The sessions introduced faculty members to diverse tools and frameworks in Design Thinking, empowering them to tap into their potential and elevate students' learning experiences.

Taking Design Thinking to Lady Doak College

January 2024
The Faculty Development Program (FDP) of the School of Design Thinking has been welcomed by academia in several Universities and Colleges. One such was held recently. The management of Lady Doak College, as part of their efforts to enrich their faculty, have taken the initiative to introduce Design Thinking to select senior faculty members across various departments. The sessions were anchored by faculty from the School of Design Thinking during the months of February & October (2023). The trained faculty will present their learning in the form of projects along with a viva voce in January 2024.

Design Thinking Program for School of Business Design

December 2023
We conducted a focused program for the first year MBA students of the School of Business Design B-School (SOIL). The program focused on the importance of mindset transformation in the journey of Design Thinking along with host of hands-on activities on specific Design Tools. These Design Tools enhance the Design Thinking application along with brining a sharp focus on ideation in any typical Design Thinking process.

Understanding the importance of Spatial Elements for Innovation

November 2023
We hosted 17 students from the B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent B-School (IEVD Department) at the 8012 FinTech Design Center : the world's first Design Center dedicated for FinTech. The intention of the visit was to understand how different spatial elements and innovative seating arrangement can enable innovative thinking and cross-pollination of ideas amongst teams in a typical FinTech organization. Students also had a wonderful opportunity to understand how Design Thinking can become a core competency of an organization and a differentiator in FinTech domain.

Introducing Design Thinking to Government School Students

November 2023
School of Design Thinking hosted 31 students and 10 teachers from Government schools from the Districts of Tamil Nadu which was coordinated by Mullai Academia.. After an interesting walkthrough of the Design Center where they were introduced to the concepts of Design Thinking in a simple manner along with recognizable examples, as part of the main session, they were given insights on the 13 Musical notes and how it can make a difference in their life. In addition, the three laws of Design Thinking were clearly explained. The students were able to relate to it and shared how they can apply it in their current prep for the Board exam. The importance of 5 minds was highlighted and they were also given a group visualisation exercise of what their district would be like in 2030 and they caught the attention with their practical and innovative ideas as part of their presentation. While the students enjoyed their day spent at the Design Center and the learnings they derived from the session, the anchors Ramakrishnan V, Anand, Ramnath, Ramakrishnan and Hema Narayanan enjoyed their interesting experiences and learnings from the students.

Introducing Design Thinking to BBA students of SSSIHL

November 2023
Design Thinking has universal appeal - especially when it comes to solving knotty problems in any domain. As academic institutions are increasingly seeing value in this during the recent times, the concept is being introduced to students right from school onwards. The third-year undergraduate students of the Commerce Department of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (Muddanahalli Campus, Karnataka) were introduced to Design Thinking during a four-hour session as part of the Jeevan Kaushal Life Skills Experiential Learning Program. For students, who are studying the basics of business management, the session was an eye-opener on what it takes to be creative irrespective of the field. The program was infused with individual and group activities - and loads of animated discussion.

Exploring Design The Thinking® Frontiers: Our Presence at BRIDGE 2023

October 2023
School of Design Thinking partnered with ICT Academy to showcase our commitment to innovation at both the BRIDGE 2023 (A high impact Industry Institute Interaction Event of India) Delhi and Coimbatore editions. Our stall was a hub of activity, providing a glimpse into the significance of placing Design The Thinking (Design Mind) at the forefront before embarking on the Design Process (Thinking the Design). Throughout the event, our booth attracted numerous Industry and Academic leaders who engaged in fruitful discussions. The interactive sessions and activities we organized were geared towards deepening the understanding of Design Thinking concepts.

Empowering Global Education

August 2023
We recently had the privilege of hosting a diverse delegation of 25 education leaders from 17 different countries. This international delegation attended a two-day workshop focused on embracing the ‘Design The Thinking®’ approach and its application within their respective educational ecosystems. This workshop served as a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration, empowering these education leaders to incorporate Design Thinking methodologies as part of their ecosystem.

A Hands-On Introduction to Design The Thinking®: BIM’s 2-Day program

August 2023
This academic year (2023-24) the first-year students visited 8012 FinTech Design Center for a two-day program that introduced them to various aspects of Design Thinking – with emphasis on ‘Design The Thinking®’. The activity-based, case study-powered program is regularly anchored by the School of Design Thinking.

A Step Towards Boundaryless Thinking: Design The Thinking® Faculty Development Program Convocation

July 2023
The Design The Thinking® Faculty Development Program Convocation ceremony of the Faculty of SRM Institute of Science & Technology (SRMIST) was held on Tuesday, 11 July 2023 as part of their Partnership with School of Design Thinking and Intellect Design Arena. The Convocation highlights the graduation of over 165 faculty members of SRMIST earning them the position of ‘Master Trainer’, empowering them to take Design Thinking to the student community. The Design The Thinking® Faculty Development Program (FDP) aims at evangelising Design Thinking with an academic flavour. The purpose of this FDP series is taking a step in creating a culture change in academic institutions, beginning with the Faculty. . Prof. C. Muthamizhchelvan, Vice Chancellor of SRM Institute of Science & Technology and Mr Arun Jain, Chairman & Managing Director, Intellect Design Arena Ltd and Founder School of Design Thinking, led the Convocation ceremony, awarding certificates to the participating faculty members. The ceremony was graced by Dr Anbu Rathinavel, Chief Design Officer, Intellect Design Arena, Co-founder & Head, School of Design Thinking, and Dr Shantanu Patil, Associate Director, Directorate of Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Global Dialogue On Design Thinking In Education: Insights From International Perspectives

Feb 2023
Hosted 22 college faculties, principals, and education department officials from 19 different countries at FT8012 Design Center. The participants had an interactive session on the importance of the design mindset in students and the power of the Five Minds to enhance their learning experience. The participants learned about leveraging design thinking as a pedagogical tool in their teaching and evaluation methods. It was humbling to see individuals from 19 different nationalities come together and discuss the role of design thinking in shaping the development agenda and leadership skills of students. This visit is just the start of our mission to spread the philosophy of Design Thinking to the world. The participants represented from the following countries Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Kingdom of Eswatini (Formerly Swaziland), Maldives, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Sudan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and Zambia.

Design Thinking for Digital Products/Services Design' : IIM Calcutta

June 2023
With an aim to imbibe User-Centric approach while designing state-of-art Digital Products / Services, we are anchoring a credit course elective for the students of Indian Institute of Management-Calcutta - MIS Department. The course will focus on Design Thinking, Design Mindset transformation along with case studies of some of the successful technology frameworks that have impacted the market.

Design Thinking for Promoting Startup Culture

June 2023
We had the opportunity to partner with Career for Entrepreneurship Develop (Anna University), StartUp Tamil Nadu and SBI for the annual Startify 2023 Event that focused on bringing awareness about Startups amongst Faculty and Students, the budding minds, providing meaningful insights related to startup journey with incubators, educational institutions, administration and domain experts of the Startup ecosystem.

Igniting the Design Thinking Spark for Educators of University Educators

June 2023
Design Thinking for faculty members of KL Deemed to be University was recently concluded. This transformative program equipped educators with a new mindset and process. The FDP encouraged faculty members to apply Design Thinking principles in their pedagogy. This will undoubtedly create more engaging and innovative learning experiences for their students. Let the Design Thinking revolution continue!

Unleashing Educators Potential: Transformative Workshop for School Teachers

June 2023
School of Design Thinking hosted a one-day workshop for Surana Group of Schools teachers. This empowering session explored student engagement strategies and understanding the unique personas of different age groups. This workshop intended to ignite the passion within educators to unlock students' true potential. Design The Thinking principles were embraced, paving the way for extraordinary learning experiences and transforming education.

Design Thinking: Fostering Innovation in Pedagogy

May 2023
A three-day Faculty Development Program (FDP) was hosted by School of Design Thinking on "Design The Thinking" for RMK Group of Engineering Colleges' educators. This engaging program empowered faculty members with Design Thinking principles and its application across diverse disciplines. The FDP fostered a culture of creativity and collaboration. Educators now possess the skills to create impactful learning experiences and drive innovation in pedagogy.

Immersive Workshop on Design Thinking to empower Higher Education Faculty

May 2023
School of Design Thinking & Intellect jointly hosted a 2 day workshop on "Design The Thinking", this transformative program brought together faculty members from 12 institutions across 5 states. Participants explored Design Thinking as a mindset transformation and learned how to integrate it into academic curricula. Engaging activities, group discussions, and shared best practices fostered a rich learning experience.

Design Thinking To Shape Entrepreneurial Mindset

Feb 2023
We had the opportunity to conduct a multi-session credit course for student-entrepreneurs of MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Development (IEVD) of the B.S.Abdur Rehman Crescent University. The course was designed to aim students transform their thinking from "idea development" to "customer development" & leverage Design Thinking tools to shape their budding idea into scalable start-up ideas.

Design Thinking For Accelerated Growth

October 2022
Our founder & CMD of Intellect Design Arena Ltd, Arun Jain anchored a masterclass on Holistic BusinessDesign applying DesignThinking for around 100 entrepreneurs yesterday as part of the Mega TiECON2022 event of TiE Chennai. The immersive session was highly interactive and a lot of contextual takeaways on application of Design Thinking for accelerated growth. Besides overview of Design Thinking , the participants also had an in-depth view of Holistic CollectiveFarming (HOCO) - an initiative of Mission Samriddhi, proprietary framework on holistic business design - "BELIEF" and journey of “Five Minds” that emphasizes on an individual's different facets of thinking minds.

Design Thinking For Entrepreneurial Mindset Transformation

August 2022
Around 25 incubatees of the VIT's Technology Business Incubator participated in an immersive experiential workshop on Design Thinking. The workshop focused on brining a mindset transformation for innovation & how can insightful Design Thinking tools help the budding ideas match their right customer. The incubatees also underwent our diagnostic framework that helps to visualize a 6-fold holistic growth of any organization.

School of Design Thinking Conducts In-Campus Design Thinking Course

August 2022
Faculty from the School of Design Thinking visited the campus of Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Trichy, to anchor the first in-campus Design Thinking sessions since the pandemic. The three-day session was a mix of face-to-face classes and online sessions. The program is part of the mandatory Design Thinking credit course for all the first-year students of BIM. After the sessions, the students will work hands-on on projects to test their knowledge on the various tools and frameworks introduced to them. The idea behind this initiative is to enable them to leverage Design Thinking during the course and later when they enter various corporations across India.

SRMIST Visit Design Center for Refresher Course

August 2022
SRMIST is a firm believer in the value of Design Thinking. Since the signing of an MOU with Intellect Design Arena and the School of Design Thinking, it has been building a strong base of Design Thinking-trained faculty who not only leverage the concept in their pedagogy, but also volunteer to enable incubatees in SRMIST's SIDC to work on their ideas. On Tuesday, 2 August 2022, a batch of 15 senior faculty members across departments participated in a one-day refresher program. The workshop included practical Design-application sessions.

The Potential of Design Thinking for Technocrats

July 2022
Students belongs to secnd year MCA attended the webinar to understand how Design Thinking plays an important role for technocrats like them. Mr. Sathia introduced the world of Design Thinking to all the participants and it was well received by the students and faculty members participated in it. The HoD appreciated the anchor for the knowledge he shared among the participants.

Design The Thinking - Leveraging Design Thinking for Customer Development

July 2022
50+ Incubatee from ANDC InStart Foundation will be atteding the webinar in which the concept of Design The Thinking usage in Customer Development. This will be the first such kind of webinar organizaed for the Incubatee of ANDC InStart Foundation which is sponsored by Govt of NCT, Delhi.

Good Design for Great Experience

July 2022
Our senior faculty had the opportunity to anchor a Design Thinking workshop for the students of Young Tinker Academy, Bhubaneshwar and elaborate on the importance of good Design in innovative products leading to good experience. The Academy focuses on imparting technical value-addition to school stuents through hands-on application of science and thus sharpen their technical skill-set. The Academy has been widely acclaimed for this endeavour of imparting practical knowledge which is beyond school pedagogy.

Design Thinking for Culture Change

July 2022
Around 15 leaders of the Nadimpalli Satyanarayana Raju Institute of Technology (NSRIT), Vishakhapatnam convened at the 8012 FinTech Design Center to understand the nunances of Design Thinking & how it can foster a mindset transformation for faculty and students alike. The vision of the institute's management is to bring a culture change leveraging Design Thinking to sparkle innovation across the campus.

Design Thinking for Technical Education

June 2022
The senior leadership team from the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) would be convening for an immersive residential Design Thinking workshop at the 8012 FinTech Design Center. The takeaways of this program would enable the participants get hands-on on Design Thinking process and tools. Importantly, the workshop also aims to emphasize on our proprietary framework 'Design the Thinking' that focuses on outlook and perspective transformation.

Faculty Development Program for SRMIST

June-July 2022
The third batch of faculty from SRMIST will be participating in a residential three-day immersive workshop hosted by the School of Design Thinking. The purpose of the workshop is to introduce them to the concept of Design Thinking through hands-on sessions and activities. These faculties will then volunteers as mentors in SRM’s incubation and innovation center. SODT is partnering with SRMIST is driving the values of Design Thinking across students and faculty of the institution.

Design Thinking to challenge Disruption

May 2022
A leading media conglomerate's departments' heads engaged in a 3-Day Residential workshop to chalk out a roadmap for the future of the conglomerate. The conglomerate was founded several decades back and the management aimed to leverage Design principles in staying ahead of the curve amidst the changing media landscape . The broader goal was to bring a mindset transformation for the employees to think innovatively and foster a Design culture across departments to harness synergy.

Design Thinking for Social Innovation

May 2022
The core leadership team of the Bhartiya Jain Sangathana from Pune along with seniors from the Shantilal Mutha Foundation led by the visionary social catalyst Mr.Shantilal Mutha himself convened for an immersive Design Thinking workshop aiming to visualize the Sangathana and the Foundation reach a wider mass of the nation in the upcoming decade. The workshop was facilitated by our founder Mr.Arun Jain who shared his own insights on leveraging Design Thinking to witness 10X growth.

Rural Community Engagement Course

April - June 2022
With an aim to bring a transformation into the lives of our rural brothers & sisters, students of the SSN School of Management commenced on an interesting journey of Rural Community Engagement course which is blended with Design Thinking and jointly facilitated by our partner organization Mission Samriddhi. Through Design Application and proprietary frameworks of Rural Panchayat Development, students are expected to drive a change into the village ecosystem by tackling problems faced by the community.

Design Thinking - An Awareness Workshop

April 2022
Our team anchored an awareness workshop for the participants from the affiliated organizations of the Madras Chamber of Commerce at 8012 FinTech Design Center. The workshop focused on our proprietary framework 'Design the Thinking' that aims to bring a mindset change followed by hands-on on Design Thinking tools to apply Design contextually.

Taking Design Thinking to the students of SIAS

March-May 2022
As part of their Design Thinking program, the School of Interwoven Arts & Science (Krea University) partnered with the School of Design Thinking to take the concept effectively to the undergraduate students of the university. In this regard, from March to May, the faculty from SoDT took the concept to the students through online sessions, projects and assignments.

Mindset Change for Customer Development

Feb 2022
Around 25 senior managers from a  leading Chennai based automobile MNC underwent a 3 Day Residential workshop to bring a mindset change to become "Customer-Centric". The workshop aimed to bring a mental shift for the participants to move from Product Development (What am i good at) to Customer Development (What does my customer want?). The batch saw participation from diverse departments of the organization thus making it more collaborative and peer-learning oriented.

Credit Course for 1st Year Students of BIM, Trichy

July 2021
The School of Design Thinking is proud to be associated with Bharathidasan Institute of Management. As part of its relations, the School of Design Thinking will be offering a credit course to the entire set of first year students at the outset of the new academic year 2021-2022. Over 120 students, future industry leaders, will be introduced to the concepts and potential of Design Thinking and the impact of its application.

A Cross-Industry Workshop for CII Members

June 2021
Design Thinking is increasingly adopted as a human-centric way not just to solve problems, but to also design superlative products and services. The School of Design Thinking along with CII conducted a workshop series for senior management level employees of multiple member organizations across various industry sectors. The focus of the workshop, in addition to an introduction to Design Thinking, was in its application in industry and in life.

A Dedicated Workshop for Senior Executives

June 2021
What does it take to be a Design Thinker? What are the tools that would help the role of a senior executive working in a global Financial Technology company? These were the key takeaways of a dedicated workshop that the School of Design Thinking had conducted for senior executives who had recently joined Intellect Design Arena, a world leader in Financial Technology solutions. Design Thinking is imbibed as a culture in the organization.

Volvo India

April 2021
How does an organization ensure that its employees develop a 'future-focused' mindset? More importantly, what is a future-focused mindset? In a dedicated hour-and-a-half long webinar to the senior leadership of the human resources department of Volvo India, Dr Anbu Rathinavel will share learnings and insights from his decades-long corporate experience and global best practices on the impact of Design Thinking in preparing a future-focused mindset.

NOIDA Institute of Engineering & Technology (NIET)

February-March 2021
'Master Trainer' workshop for key faculty members of the institute. The virtual sessions included conceptual approach to Design Thinking as well as case studies and hands-on activities.

Bharathidasan Institute of Management

January-February 2021
A credit course for over 60 second year management students of the institute. Leveraging case-studies and scenario-based explanation and in-class and post-session activities, the multi-session course included projects and presentations.

Rage Communications

January-February 2021
A dedicated and customised workshop for the leadership team. Participants explored the customer landscape and ecosystem for exponential growth. It focused on shifting the mindset of ‘what we could do’ to ‘what we should do’.

Certification workshop for members of TiE

January-February 2021
Five-module workshop on Design Thinking through doing. The goal was to strengthen knowledge through experience. Participants learnt to use Design Thinking tools and concepts to address larger design challenges and scale their business.

FDP Program for AICTE | Hosted by CV Raman Univ

January 2021
An AICTE-initiated (ATAL) Faculty Development Program.
The multi-session course witnessed participants from universities and colleges across India. The sessions also featured speakers from industry and academia.

Ullas Trust: CSR initiative of Intellect Design Arena Ltd.

December 2020
Members of the School of Design Thinking met students from the higher secondary section of Tamil Nadu Government schools. The session also included a virtual walkthrough of the 8012 FinTech Design Center.


October-November 2020
The Power & Potential of Design Thinking. The multi-session workshop helped participants understand Design Thinking approaches and focus on mindset transformation. The workshop model included classroom sessions, group activities, projects, case study discussions, post-session assignments and assessment.

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