Design Thinking : Scaling startups and benefiting entrepreneurs
Connect with stakeholders across your business landscape to understand what the ‘real’ needs are
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Understand the real needs

Connect with stakeholders across your business landscape to understand what the needs are

Generate ideas that connect

What makes certain ideas click? Fall in love with the problem, the solution will be accepted

Grow your business 10X

Understand how to drive substantial growth while in pursuit of manifold holistic expansion

Envision a holistic growth

Understand how to leverage all your six capitals to accelerate your growth by 10X

Leveraging Design Thinking : Product-Market Fit for Startups

Do you have the right idea? Is your start-up unable to scale? Are you talking to the right people? Have you truly connected with your clients? How do you find answers to these questions?

Way forward most emphatically lies in leveraging Design Thinking as an approach or culture in your organization. It not only opens up a world of possibilities but its tools and frameworks teaches you to bring all the stakeholders on a common platform to visualize and implement sustainability into an idea to withstand ever changing market dynamics. Through Design Thinking, you would be able to envision your ecosystem touching every stakeholder. It will help you understand the nuances and subtlety of focusing on the Customer first than your products – are you giving what the customer ‘wants’ or ‘needs’. The human-centered and future-focused approach of Design Thinking not only helps solve complex problems, but serves a host of purposes targeting intended outcomes. With a mission to take the culture of Design Thinking across various walks of life, the School of Design Thinking has embarked on a journey to bring a Design Thinking revolution in the country. Design Thinking serves a special purpose to the very basic tenet of any successful start-up: Product–Market fit.

Design Thinking : Organic 10X growth for Entrepreneurs

Design Thinking helps entrepreneurs and founders of well-settled organizations to take a step-back and re-look at their entrepreneurial journey. This is where an opportunity arrives to look for avenues of organic 10X growth of their organization. This growth can be very well achieved by tapping latent opportunities. Such opportunities are often hitherto not-discovered till Design Thinking comes handy to unravel them and envision augmentation. Interesting Design elements along with our proprietary ‘6 Capital Framework’ ensure entrepreneurs chalk-out a holistic growth for their organizations.

Why School of Design Thinking?

The School of Design Thinking’s uniqueness lies in its belief of Preparing the Design Mind for Design Adopters. It not only works on its indigenous Design Thinking Process & Design Tools, but it ensures that Design Thinking is made a life-skill for participants. Thus, the focus on Design Mind makes it stand apart from the league of all experts in this field.

The School of Design Thinking helps entrepreneurs and other business leaders to truly understand the impediments to growth. It helps change perspective to include end users as equal as an important stakeholder who warrants equal attention as the idea of the start-up itself. The School of Design Thinking works with many start-ups, incubation cells, and fired-up entrepreneurs helping them to understand and leverage Design Thinking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. The programs of the School of Design Thinking are unique such that they not only introduce the concept, principles and tools of Design Thinking to participants, but they help ‘prepare the Design Mind’.

It varies based on the requirement of the audience. The School of Design Thinking does not take a one-size-fits-all approach. The faculty understands the needs of the participants and then formulate the sessions to meet participants’ unique requirements.

It all starts with the mind. While it is important to be familiar with Design thinking Tools, it is imperative to first design the thought (mind). The most important tool in Design Thinking is the human mind.

Most programs are anchored at the 8012 FinTech Design Center – a space that is dedicated to learn and practice Design Thinking across all domains and not limited to Financial Technology (Banking, insurance and other financial services). If teams from other parts of India cannot travel to the Design Center, the faculty would visit the organization. During the lockdown due to COVID 19, all courses have been duly modified to be offered online.

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