Design Thinking Can Change Your Life


Learning & Boundaryless thinking
Hear from Arun himself ; sharing his thoughts on the process of learning & why we need to take inspiration from birds for boundaryless thinking.
The Mindset of a Design Thinker
What does it take to be a Design Thinker? An understanding of the Design Thinking process and deep knowledge of relevant tools are all that are required or is there more to it? In this video Arun Jain briefly explains the elements of a Design Mind.
5 Minutes with run: 13 Notes of Design Thinking
Mr.Arun Jain takes us through the typical process of Learning & how small knowledge packets (smallest unit of knowledge) can lead to knowledge clusters. These clusters are the trigger for sparkling innovation & driving creativity by bringing multiple perspectives.
5 Minutes with Arun: Darshan gyan charitra
Mr.Arun Jain illustrates the importance of Higher Purpose – the idea of aligning everyone to a bigger mission. He does that by giving analogy of Darshan,Gyan & Charitra which are deeply embedded in some ancient Indian religious discourse.
5 Minutes with Arun: Listening
Mr.Arun Jain demarcates what is Listening & how it is different from usual hearing. Keenful insightful listening is very important for cultivating empathy which is the crux of Design Thinking.
5 Minutes with Arun: Limiting Beliefs
One of the elements of our proprietary 13 Musical Notes that prepare the Design Mind is the concept of Limiting beliefs. These are hindrances shaped out of past experiences and circumstances that restrict our thinking. Mr.Arun Jain explains its relevance with respect to Design Thinking.
5 Minutes with Arun: Dialogue Vs Discussion
Mr.Arun Jain distinguishes between having Dialogue (What is right) vs Discussion (Who is right) & how a correct Dialogue is fruitful for solving correct problems in the Design Thinking process.