Perspectives on Design Thinking

How to use Storytelling in Design Thinking

What is storytelling? Is storytelling important? what is that one foremost aspect that should be kept in mind by a storyteller? This blog post looks at these along with some of intuitive examples across India.

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Celebrating Design 4: Designing Media Stories

Table of Contents Do media consumers actually get to read what they really want? Are comments and feedback on social media platforms considered as ‘ideas’ to draft stories? This blog post showcases the ‘design’ aspect

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BreakOut of Your Comfort Zone

Table of Contents Why should you break out of your comfort zone? Well, you should if you want to create something new, stretch your boundaries and break out of the status quo. This post briefly

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Collaboration – Ego = Innovation

Sometimes, innovation tends to be about ‘me’. In other words, it is about the person with the best ideas or the ability to get stuff done. But this perception is misleading, destructive and ultimately counter-productive.

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