Our Design Thinking workshops for different sections of the society

Corporate Leaders & Teams

Deeper understanding of your stakeholders and intuitive product design and perfect marketing strategies – Design Thinking enables you to grow your business 10X faster. Identify hidden opportunities by connecting dots and understanding what makes the defining last 2% addition for you as a leader in your segment.

Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

Design Thinking is all about being human-centric and future-focused. It enables you to create greater value in your area of service because this concept is rooted in empathy. Leverage Design Thinking to understand your ‘actual’ market segment and the journey of customer development rather than mere product/ service development.


Design Thinking helps academic faculties and students to enhance and cultivate a more empathetic approach to teaching and learning. It opens new vistas for enriching and facilitating education universally. By leverage Design Thinking faculties and students can explore and innovate new solutions to overcome the challenges in education. 


The most successful policies are those that embrace the very last recipient of a scheme. Design Thinking shows how to identify and empathize with the first and last stakeholder. Plan more, do more through Design Thinking – be it disruptive solution, a futuristic policy or impeccable policy execution.

design thinking for social sector


Societal problems are often termed wicked problems as they do not have a single issue as the source, but rather have multiple complex issues. Design Thinking is often the recourse taken by those concerned with societal issues. Design Thinking helps you to get down to the root cause of the problem and identify effective solutions.

We Strive to

Our Design Thinking workshops with a focus on bringing a mindset-transformation transcends organizations across industries. From governments to social sector organizations in cities and villages across the country, we strive to bring:
Collaborative Design thinking interaction


Bring about awareness on Design Thinking as a Human-centered approach for problem solving

Collaborative Design thinking interaction


Enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things through the application of Design Thinking

Collaborative Design thinking interaction


Collaborate with corporate and government/agencies to create Design Thinking movement in the country

Collaborative Design thinking interaction

#Social Impact

Lead social innovation projects from the front by working with Various agencies across the country

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Our Approach of Design Thinking

Our engagement rests on these 4 pillars

Transformation in the thought process is indispensable before the practical application of Design Thinking. The process of conditioning the mindset is called preparing the Design Mind.

Space has a great impact on the human mind. We need to leverage spatial elements that help cross-collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas among stakeholders.

Ideas need the support of stakeholders for actualization. As every stakeholder has stated and unstated needs and interests, sustainable models are required to bind all stakeholders. These models are called Design Frameworks.

The actual Design Process is a 5-step process that leverages unique Design tools for practical application. The process and the tools are indigenously designed.

Our Focus Areas Of Design Thinking Workshops

School of Design Thinking has helped different industries in applying Design Thinking approach and culture in several key areas with deep impact:

Strategy Design

Design the next version of your organisation

Business Design

Design a disruptive Business Model to augment accelerated growth

Culture Design

Design leadership alignment to the larger purpose of the organization

Design Mindset

Develop the mindset of a ‘Design Thinking’ entrepreneur in youself and in your team

Product Design

Design next generation product landscape for your organization

10X Design Growth

Design and co-create an aggressive plan for 10X growth in a shorter span

Upcoming & Recently Concluded Workshops

Good Design for Great Experience

July 2022
Our senior faculty had the opportunity to anchor a Design Thinking workshop for the students of Young Tinker Academy, Bhubaneshwar and elaborate on the importance of good Design in innovative products leading to good experience. The Academy focuses on imparting technical value-addition to school stuents through hands-on application of science and thus sharpen their technical skill-set. The Academy has been widely acclaimed for this endeavour of imparting practical knowledge which is beyond school pedagogy.

Design Thinking for Culture Change

July 2022
Around 15 leaders of the Nadimpalli Satyanarayana Raju Institute of Technology (NSRIT), Vishakhapatnam convened at the 8012 FinTech Design Center to understand the nunances of Design Thinking & how it can foster a mindset transformation for faculty and students alike. The vision of the institute's management is to bring a culture change leveraging Design Thinking to sparkle innovation across the campus.

Design Thinking for Technical Education

June 2022
The senior leadership team from the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) would be convening for an immersive residential Design Thinking workshop at the 8012 FinTech Design Center. The takeaways of this program would enable the participants get hands-on on Design Thinking process and tools. Importantly, the workshop also aims to emphasize on our proprietary framework 'Design the Thinking' that focuses on outlook and perspective transformation.

Faculty Development Program for SRMIST

June-July 2022
The third batch of faculty from SRMIST will be participating in a residential three-day immersive workshop hosted by the School of Design Thinking. The purpose of the workshop is to introduce them to the concept of Design Thinking through hands-on sessions and activities. These faculties will then volunteers as mentors in SRM’s incubation and innovation center. SODT is partnering with SRMIST is driving the values of Design Thinking across students and faculty of the institution.

Design Thinking to challenge Disruption

May 2022
A leading media conglomerate's departments' heads engaged in a 3-Day Residential workshop to chalk out a roadmap for the future of the conglomerate. The conglomerate was founded several decades back and the management aimed to leverage Design principles in staying ahead of the curve amidst the changing media landscape . The broader goal was to bring a mindset transformation for the employees to think innovatively and foster a Design culture across departments to harness synergy.

Design Thinking for Social Innovation

May 2022
The core leadership team of the Bhartiya Jain Sangathana from Pune along with seniors from the Shantilal Mutha Foundation led by the visionary social catalyst Mr.Shantilal Mutha himself convened for an immersive Design Thinking workshop aiming to visualize the Sangathana and the Foundation reach a wider mass of the nation in the upcoming decade. The workshop was facilitated by our founder Mr.Arun Jain who shared his own insights on leveraging Design Thinking to witness 10X growth.

Rural Community Engagement Course

April - June 2022
With an aim to bring a transformation into the lives of our rural brothers & sisters, students of the SSN School of Management commenced on an interesting journey of Rural Community Engagement course which is blended with Design Thinking and jointly facilitated by our partner organization Mission Samriddhi. Through Design Application and proprietary frameworks of Rural Panchayat Development, students are expected to drive a change into the village ecosystem by tackling problems faced by the community.

Design Thinking - An Awareness Workshop

April 2022
Our team anchored an awareness workshop for the participants from the affiliated organizations of the Madras Chamber of Commerce at 8012 FinTech Design Center. The workshop focused on our proprietary framework 'Design the Thinking' that aims to bring a mindset change followed by hands-on on Design Thinking tools to apply Design contextually.

Taking Design Thinking to the students of SIAS

March-May 2022
As part of their Design Thinking program, the School of Interwoven Arts & Science (Krea University) partnered with the School of Design Thinking to take the concept effectively to the undergraduate students of the university. In this regard, from March to May, the faculty from SoDT took the concept to the students through online sessions, projects and assignments.

Mindset Change for Customer Development

Feb 2022
Around 25 senior managers from a  leading Chennai based automobile MNC underwent a 3 Day Residential workshop to bring a mindset change to become "Customer-Centric". The workshop aimed to bring a mental shift for the participants to move from Product Development (What am i good at) to Customer Development (What does my customer want?). The batch saw participation from diverse departments of the organization thus making it more collaborative and peer-learning oriented.

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