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Design Thinking: Empowering Students to Leave a Footprint Beyond the Classroom 

Education is almost unanimously accepted the world over as an enabler of life – and not mere livelihood.

Shift from Employability Focus to Future-Ready Skills: A Case Study in Educational Innovation

Holistic education is one that looks at every angle of a student’s development. This also includes skills such as Critical Thinking and Design Thinking.

Design Thinking Helps A US-Based Insurance Major To Look Beyond

Can Design Thinking actually help an American diversified global insurer sharpen its underwriting accuracy, improve efficiency with Portfolio optimization and ensure the coverage for the right customer and ensure portfolio expansion? We believe it can!

Industry-Academia Collaboration: Applying Design Thought to Enhance Traveller Experience

How can Design Thinking play an influencing role in Industry-Academia connect? Here is a case study highlighting how a student was able to look into a real-life opportunity applying Design Thinking enabling an effective outcome.

Towards better governance – The Design Thinking way

How do you bring about a transformation in the mindset of government officials and trigger them to visualize themselves as ‘Catalysts of Leadership in Public Service Delivery’? How can they align themselves to a higher purpose?

Towards a Better Medicare Experience : Creating a sublime environment for doctors

Hospitals are places that are emotionally charged. This is especially so with cancer care centers. How can one create a sublime environment for patients and doctors? This brief case study explains about a special workshop.

Farming through Design

The agriculture sector in India is beset with a multitude of problems often driving farmers to take the ultimate step. Mission Samriddhi conducted a unique workshop that leveraged Design Thinking, to take a deeper look at the issue facing the sector.

Application of Design Thinking to make commuting safer

Certain areas in the city of Chennai are prone to greater number of fatal accidents. The students of a popular city engineering college took matters into their own hands. By applying Design Thinking, they came up with a novel solution.