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Design Thinking Workshops for Faculty
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About the Programs

The faculty programs by the School of Design Thinking have been carefully crafted and curated keeping in focus the unique needs of academic faculty be it enhancing the learning experience of students, self development or exploring new opportunities for the departments and institution. While the gamut of programs for academic institutions is wide, one central thread goes beyond connecting them all – Design Thinking. In these programs you will not only learn about the concept of Design Thinking, but will also get hands-on experience in leveraging its processes, frameworks and tools for a truly impactful outcome.

Programs For Academic Faculty

Faculty Development Program

A program for all faculty members who wish to shift up in their careers and lives. The purpose is to help participant faculty look deeper into concepts that would help them perform beyond the expected.

Shift from 'Teaching Students' to 'Learning for Students'

Enhance the learning experience for students leveraging Design Tools

Understand the psyche of students by imbing a student-centric approach

Utilize principles of Design Thinking for self-development and bring mindset-transformation to impact personal & professional life

Program Features

  • Online/Offline Programs​
  • Hands-on Approach​
  • Group Activities​
  • Assignment ​
  • Assessment​
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