Design The Thinking®
Explore your innate potential & Enhance students' learning experience
2nd Edition of the Immersive Workshop for Senior Faculty Members

8012 FinTech Design Center, Chennai
8th & 9th January 2024
[2-Day Residential Program]

Design Thinking

Design is no longer just a buzzword, as it has become a critical factor in the success of products, services, and even education. Design Thinking is the process behind achieving deep and meaningful impact on customers and consumers. It drives deep differentiation, even in designing pedagogy and interacting with students in classrooms. The Design Thinking approach goes beyond the use of tools; it involves understanding the needs of students and other stakeholders, observing and clustering patterns, connecting the dots, and identifying blind spots. This approach makes the Design Process intellectually stimulating and a joyous collaborative experience, with a focus on human-centricity rather than the problem itself.


Design The Thinking® is a unique 2-day immersive workshop exclusively for academic faculty. This is the second edition of program. This program aims to help participants enhance their own development, improve student experience and explore new opportunities for their departments and institutions. Design Thinking is one of the threads connecting all academic programs. In this workshop, faculty members will be introduced to the concept of Design Thinking, including its tools, processes and frameworks, resulting in impactful outcomes.


  • Understand Design Thinking and its application in the academic context
  • Leverage cross-functional expertise to co-create unique offerings
  • Understand deeper aspects of student learning
  • Be a change agent to create a culture of Design Thinking in the campus
  • Shift the mindset of ‘what we could do’ to ‘what we should do’
  • One-on-One Coaching Session by Industry Leaders post workshop
  • Access to SoDT Knowledge portal


  • Sub-group huddles to explore organizational vulnerabilities and mind blocks
  • Agenda-less dialogue to get deeper insights on current reality
  • Reflective questionnaires and deliberations to mirror the emotional quotient
  • Interactive pedagogy with probing / provocative dialogue to help shift participants’ mental models
  • Learn design thinking tools and techniques to help align energy of every faculty member for exponential growth

Who can attend?

‘Design The Thinking®’ workshop is curated exclusively for faculty members of institutions of higher education who are willing to spend two full days to learn Design Thinking as a life skill and are eager to take it back to their workplace to apply it in teaching, learning and research.

The faculty members must be nominated and sponsored by the respective higher education institutions.

  • Willing to shift from ‘Teaching students’ to ‘Learning for students’
  • Commitment to learn and explore new avenues / ideas
  • Curious child-like mindset
  • Willing to take risks
  • Not hesitant to ask questions
  • Not afraid to make mistakes and are willing to learn from it
  • Not afraid to say “I don’t know”
  • Inspired to put their learning into practice
  • Have the ability to take lead and be a change-agent

Participants' Credentials​

  • Minimum 10 years teaching experience in any stream from Engineering / Management / Arts / Science colleges
  • Teaching faculty from NIRF-ranked institutions

Workshop Highlights

  • Access to the World’s First FT8012 Design Center during the session
  • Experiential learning sessions
  • Contextual case studies for exploring practical solutions and mini projects
  • Access to industry leaders for one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Identify Action Learning Project
  • Residential Program with interesting group learnings


Our faculty have a cumulative experience of 60 years in practicing and teaching Design Thinking. In addition, they bring relevant industry and academic experience that not only enriches School of Design Thinking’s pedagogy, but also the manner in which the various programs and workshops are conducted.

Testimonials from Past Program

Glimpses from 1st edition

Certificate Sample

Workshop fee

INR 25000 /- + 18% GST
( per participant )
(Only 2 participants are allowed to register from an institution)

Last Date of Registration: 29th Dec 2023


FT8012 Design Center, Plot No.3/G3, SIPCOT IT Park, Siruseri,
Chennai - 600 130, India.


Workshop Start Date & Time - 08.01.2024 & 8.00 AM (Day 1)
Workshop End Date & Certificate Handover - 09.01.2024 & 6.00 PM
(Day 2)

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