Perspectives on Design Thinking

Fast and Furious Innovators

Table of Contents Have you ever wondered what makes you furious? Have you wondered what anger has got to do with creativity? This blog shows how to use your energy to explore ways to do

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The power in saying ‘Thank you’

Table of Contents How often do your team members hear the words ‘Thank You’? Appreciation is one of the three capacity levers that not only encourages a better environment for design thinking but also improves

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7 Qualities of a Design Thinker

Table of Contents While many people have a natural aptitude for design thinking, others can unlock their latent abilities with right coaching. This will help them achieve greater success. Here are some characteristics that make

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12 Ways to Step into Your Vulnerable Zone

Table of Contents What is ‘vulnerability’? Is it good being in a state of vulnerability or does one’s comfort zone provide a greater opportunity for growth and development? If vulnerability is good, how does one

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