Design Thinking

In today’s rapidly evolving world, colleges need to equip their students and stakeholders with the tools to not only consume information but create solutions, challenge assumptions, and drive meaningful change. Design Thinking provides a powerful framework for this, offering tangible benefits for your institution across crucial areas such as fostering a culture of innovation, enhancing student engagement and to build the workforce of tomorrow.

Academia NxT Partner Program

Higher education institutions across India have a unique opportunity to transform their campuses with the power of Design Thinking. The School of Design Thinking's Academia NxT Partner Program invites visionary Technical Universities, Engineering Colleges, B-Schools, and Arts & Science Colleges to embark on this exciting journey.

This partnership is your first step towards cultivating a vibrant Design Thinking culture within your institution. We empower you to:

  • •   Equip your faculty with the latest Design Thinking methodologies through continuous capacity development programs
  • •   Connect your students with inspiring industry experts, offering them real-world challenges and exposure to diverse perspectives
  • •   Support aspiring student entrepreneurs by providing them with essential Design Thinking tools to launch and grow successful ventures
  • •   Empower campus leaders in harnessing the transformative potential of Design Thinking to revolutionize academic design and pedagogy

Benefits of becoming an Academia NxT Partner

This partnership offers a dynamic program structure packed with immersive interventions designed to foster a Design Thinking culture within your institution. This journey unfolds over different durations, catering to diverse stakeholder needs:

Witness Design Change

Sparkle innovation across the campus

Unlock Possibilities

Envision future Design Thinking roadmap for the Institute

Interact with Design Practitioners

Collaborate with Design Experts to align with industry trends

Access to Resources

Widen the scope of learning of Design Thinking

Elevate the Brand

Shift from Design Adopter to Design Leader

  • For Students
  • For Faculty
  • For Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • For Researchers
  • For Institution Leaders

Design Horizon Experience

Broaden perspective on Design Thinking application through transformational experience of the world's first Design Center.

Design Spark Challenge

Leverage Design Thinking methodologies to identify actual problems and arrive at benchmarking solutions.

Design Thinking Orientation

From the Design Mind to Design Application - a comprehensive introduction to Design Thinking.

FDP Fusion Lab

Acquire a deep understanding of what, why and how of Design Thinking. Understand its application from classroom to industry.

Innovation Ignition Bootcamp

A dedicated bootcamp for the serious entrepreneur. Leverage concepts and tools to get deeper insights.

Conference Collaboration

Interact and collaborate within and beyond the industry through conferences and unconferences.

Knowledge Repository Access

Access a wide range of material from books and blogs to tools and case studies. Exclusively curated. Hardcopy and online.

Design Dialogue on Academic Design

Explore the Universe of Possibilities to shift from effective teaching to holistic learning.

Design Thinking for 10X Growth

Premium program to help you focus on exponential growth - on every front.

Our Design Adopters Speak

Join the SoDT Academia NxT Partner Program

Nurture a culture of Design Thinking by starting with transforming the mindset of your faculty members, students and
all relevant stakeholders in your institution.


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